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Our philosophy

In Right Career we believe that each person has an enormous potential and we strive to help them use that potential to their advantage, develop it and improve the quality of their life. We are convinced that in our times only people’s talents can build an organisation’s competitive advantage.

We follow this principle both while searching for talents to join our Clients’ organisations and assisting our Clients in restructuring processes and during the implementation of difficult changes.

We accompany the participants of our outplacement programmes in the process of a career change but also in crisis management on their career path.

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We help organisations build their teams of employees by developing their teamwork skills in accordance with a company’s mission. We support employers in the process of building a positive image of their company and recruiting the right people, who will help build and develop these organisations. We base our work on the principles which are of paramount importance for ourselves: honesty, responsibility, involvement, creativity, work ethic and building on truth and the potential of every employee.

We help the participants of our outplacement programmes spread their wings and rebuild their self-esteem after they have lost their job.
Our success is the effect of the quality of our work, continual development, business knowledge, measuring the effects of our work and creating and presenting our Clients with our own innovative solutions. Our involvement and consistence in what we do have led thousands of people through changes in their professional life with spectacular results. We have vast experience and we are exceptionally efficient in supporting careers of 50+ and 60+ workers.

We have successfully delivered recruitment projects for large investments and managerial staff. We have also measured the performance of the candidates employed. Above 90% of them have exceeded our Clients’ expectations and developed their Organisations.

Right Career is a company where we value professionalism, quality and passion for what we do as well as build the success of our Clients and Participants of our outplacement programmes.

the trusted partner in change and development


Right Career is a Polish brand delivering spectacular results in outplacement programmes. We create tailormade solutions providing our Clients/Participants with unique strategies that have not been used elsewhere by our competitors.

Candidates employed as a result of our recruitment processes exceed our Clients’ business goals and contribute to their development.

Why? Because we act with passion.

We provide the following recruitment services: Executive Search, recruitment and selection, outplacement, career management, business consultancy and development trainings.

Our consultants have gained their experience delivering hundreds of recruitment projects for middle-level, high-level and specialist positions. They have been providing leaders with advice concerning professional development and personal branding for many years. They have also successfully guided thousands of people all around Poland in outplacement/career change programmes.

Recruitment, career counselling and efficient crisis management connected with professional work (career development and outplacement programmes) are our greatest passions. It is due to passion, involvement, individual approach to every person and the measurement of results in each of our programmes that show the quality and efficiency of what we do.

Right Career means a unique approach to the process of recruitment. Owing to the expert knowledge that has been built for years and the knowledge about business, consulting and psychology we are able to encourage the greatest talents in the market to participate in our recruitment projects thus building the success of our Clients’ Organisations.

Right Career’s own and unique methodology in the field of outplacement/professional career consulting adjusted to local job market trends has proven successful in a job search also on foreign job markets. We have prepared it based on our experience, continual development of our business knowledge as well as employers’ and programme participants’ expectations (also 50+ and 60+ employees).

You are welcome to visit our consultants’ profiles on LinkedIn, where our Clients have been describing their experience working with the consultants as well as the effects of their work.

Opinions of our Clients and effectiveness of our work are of paramount importance for us.



Business expertise that comes from experience cooperating with such brands as Egon Zehnder, successfully building the managerial positions recruitment department and years of presence in the recruitment market.

Connecting our knowledge of business, career consulting and psychology in the process of recruitment.

Experience working with and knowledge about all market sectors as well as their mutual dependence (from the point of view of recruitment and career consulting).

The consultants responsible for the process and those supporting the process are recognised on the market and recommended by experts in the field as trusted recruitment advisors.

Continual self-development and sharing our knowledge. We are lecturers at universities, where we provide students with crucial knowledge connected with recruitment processes. We are also active in the media: we have written tens of articles for the press and appeared in TV programmes, all of which can be found in the Internet.

Professionalism and consultancy. We are trusted career advisors for the Candidates who participate in our recruitment programmes.


The efficiency of our consultants’ work in outplacement programmes exceeds 95% (95 out of 100 of our Candidates receive new jobs).

We achieve good results not only in outplacement. We upgrade our Clients’ careers too. 70% of our Clients are promoted and receive higher salaries.

We have the highest efficiency rate among 50+ and 60+ candidates owing to our strategy and belief in human potential.

We utilise our own unique solutions in the processes of career and personal brand management.

We provide tailormade and not mass-produced solutions.

We pride ourselves on our expert knowledge that comes from our experience of working for such brands as e.g. Egon Zehnder, successfully building the managerial positions recruitment department and years of presence in the recruitment market.

We have successfully delivered hundreds of outplacement projects and relocated hundreds of managers to new organisations. The recommendations we receive from the market are 100% positive. Our experience and success predestine us to educate students at universities in the area of outplacement.

Continual self-development and providing innovative solutions. In Right Career, every day is a day of inspirations and new ideas. Our Participants know it for a fact!

Below please find some opinions of our Clients. Client’s satisfaction and effectiveness of our work are of paramount importance for us


Our Clients

Among Right Career’s Clients there are international organisations running their businesses all over the world in such industries as: finance, manufacturing, pharmaceuticals and FMCG. They are leaders in their trade.